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Update Broke My Wp Site


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#1 microchp



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Posted 27 December 2013 - 11:40 PM

Hey TP techs-


I purchased a WP site (3.8) with Tubepress installed.  Finally got my site working.  The only update required in Dashboard was for the Tubepress plug-in.  I ran the update tonight (must be 3.1.4) and the entire site was inaccessible.


Pointed browser to home page in Chrome browser and all I got back was a blank white page.  Attempted to access wp-admin with same result.


Checked Wordpress Support and they suggested FTP into wp-content/plugins directory and rename offending plugin folder to make it inaccessible to WP. (i.e /tubepress is now /tubepressXX )


VIOLA - the site came back and I was also able to log in to wp-admin.


Dashboard/Plugins page shows Tubepress 3.1.4 available to Activate Edit or Delete


What can I do now?

I do not want to dump or reconfigure tubepress because it is a huge value add to the site and I do NOT want to reload the content.


1) Can I roll back the upgrade somehow?

2) Should I just overwrite the tubepress directories with the original files that came with the site?  (not sure what ver of TP before update)

3) If I activate 3.1.4 showing currently in Dashboard, will it find the existing configuration or toast it?


It's early enough in the site dev that i could just re-install the purchased site - but I would rather learn how to fix the problem.


Thanks in advance,



#2 microchp



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Posted 29 December 2013 - 05:54 PM

Well, I had to take a chance here and resolve my own problem.


I uploaded the original tubepress folder that came with my purchased site.


When I started wp-admin, the Dashboard now acknowledged a 3.1.1 AND a 3.1.4 instance of Tubepress.

Neither was activated.

I activated the 3.1.1 instance and it found the previous config.

My video page is back the way it was at install of the site.

I deleted the 3.1.4 instance of tubepress from Dashboard.



WP is, of course, telling me to update the plugin.  Which i will not do.


Hopefully a tech from TP will eventually answer this post and verify whether or not there is a safe way to update to 3.1.4.

Or.. better yet ... create a 3.1.5 update that does not break the site. 


I saw from other posts that I am not alone...

Hope this serves to help some of you who are stuck waiting for a fix..


I also cannot find a way to offer a search bar for users to search the subset of videos displayed on the site.

I thought this was part of both Free and Pro versions?


Any suggestions/replies from users or techs are appreciated.



#3 brandon


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Posted 02 January 2014 - 11:55 PM

Hi microchp,


Sorry for the delay in responding to your post, but I'm glad that you were able to find a temporary fix for it.


In answer to your questions:


1)  Yes, you can always roll-back your upgrade by simply removing the new version and downloading/installing a previous version of TubePress.

2)  Overwriting the files is an option, although it is always recommended, when downgrading, to full remove any previous versions, including its install folder and subfolders.

3)  Activating TubePress 3.1.4 will not destroy your current configuration.  Also, fully removing TubePress will not destroy your settings either, as the settings for TubePress are stored in the master WordPress database.


As for what caused your site to become inaccessible, it is hard to determine with out troubleshooting the actual error.  Could you please try downloading from the "Marketplace" above and uploading the TubePress.zip file into your wordpress and see if it works properly?


Let us know.



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