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How To Respond To The Youtube Api Compliance Audit

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Posted 21 August 2019 - 04:12 PM

TubePress Pro users might have recently received an email from YouTube with the following subject:

[ACTION REQUIRED] Please submit the requested details for YouTube API Compliance Audit

While this sounds a bit ominous, it’s actually just a routine audit conducted by Google. Unfortunately, as consumers of YouTube API services, TubePress Pro users will need to respond to their request for information. In short, you’ll need to spend a few minutes completing this form. Not all of the questions have obvious answers, so below you’ll find our suggestions on how to answer the trickier questions as they relate to TubePress Pro.

  • Reason for filling this form?
    Select “Audit Initiated by YouTube”.
  • Describe your organization’s work as it relates to YouTube.
    We suggest something similar to the following:
    We use TubePress Pro, a WordPress plugin, on our website to display galleries of our organization’s YouTube videos.
  • Please list all your API Client(s)
    Enter the URL of your website where you have installed TubePress Pro. Better yet, paste a link to the page containing a TubePress gallery.
  • Please list all the project numbers used for each of your API Client(s)
    You should have received a copy of your project number in the email from YouTube. You can also find it in the Google Developer’s Console.
  • Is this a publicly or privately available API Client?
    Select “Publicly accessible”.
  • If there is a log-in required to access the API client, please provide a demo account and instructions on how to access the API Client
    If your TubePress galleries are publicly accessible, simply paste a link to a page on your website with a TubePress gallery.

    If your videos are behind a paywall, or any other access control, you’ll need to create a demo account for YouTube and provide instructions to view your TubePress galleries.
  • Does your API Client commercialize YouTube Data?
    If your TubePress galleries are publicly accessible, which is most common, select “No”. If your TubePress galleries are behind a paywall, select “Yes”.
  • Choose the option that best resembles your API Client’s use case
    We recommend that you enter “Video streaming site/app”.
  • Specify all YouTube API Services used by this API Client
    Select “Data API”.
  • Select the primary audience for your API Client
    Select “Viewers”.
  • Approximately how many users use your API Client?
    Enter an estimate of the traffic volume to your TubePress galleries. For instance, “20K visitors per month.”
  • Explain how your API Client is used by your users
    We recommend something like the following:
    My website visitors can browse our organization’s YouTube uploads via video galleries and watch the videos directly from my site.
  • Does your API Client use multiple projects to access YouTube APIs?
    Select “No”.
  • Does this API Client create, access or use any metrics derived from YouTube data?
    Select “Yes”.
  • Does this API Client display data from, or provide features or services across, multiple platforms (ex: Facebook, Twitter, etc.)?
    Select “No” unless you are using TubePress to display galleries that are comprised of YouTube videos mixed together with Vimeo or Dailymotion videos.
  • Do you create/provide any type of reports using YouTube API Data?
    Select “No”.
  • How long do you store YouTube API Data?
    Most users can select “< 24 hours”. To be sure, check your cache settings at WP Admin > Settings > TubePress > Cache.
  • How often do you refresh YouTube API Data?
    Again, most users can select “24 hours”, but you’ll need to check your cache settings.
  • Does this API Client allow users to authenticate with their Google credentials?
    Select “No”.
  • Send documents (e.g., design documents, etc.) relating to your implementation …
    We recommend that you supply screenshots and/or screencasts of TubePress Pro on your website. This may include video galleries, single-video embeds, or the TubePress settings page.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be glad to help. As always, thanks for using TubePress!

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