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Base Url Problems In 4.1.8

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#1 vandijk



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Posted 22 May 2015 - 09:47 AM

Dear devs,


I'm getting the https://youtube.com/devicesupporterror. I only use youtube playlist. Is it possible to just upgrade from an earlyer version so that youtube works again?


I was thinking not so I tried installing 4.1.8 but I tried everything and can't seem to find out what I'm doing wrong.


I must say that the documentation for the stand alone php version isn't clear for me. It would be great if the download included the tubepress-content folder already.


I'm getting the following error on the page that should render tubepress:


Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'RuntimeException' with message 'Please specify TubePress base URL in tubepress-content/config/settings.php' in /home/pcrn197796/domains/sloow.nl/public_html/juniors/tubepress_pro_4_1_8/src/platform/scripts/classloading/classes.php:2914 Stack trace: #0 /home/pcrn197796/domains/sloow.nl/public_html/juniors/tubepress_pro_4_1_8/src/add-ons/procore/classes/tubepress/procore/impl/TubePressProBackend.php(215): tubepress_app_impl_environment_Environment->getBaseUrl() #1 /home/pcrn197796/domains/sloow.nl/public_html/juniors/tubepress_pro_4_1_8/src/add-ons/procore/classes/tubepress/procore/impl/TubePressProBackend.php(65): tubepress_procore_impl_TubePressProBackend->_ensureBaseUrlSet() #2 /home/pcrn197796/domains/sloow.nl/public_html/juniors/tubepress_pro_4_1_8/src/TubePressPro.php(35): tubepress_procore_impl_TubePressProBackend->getCSS() #3 /home/pcrn197796/domains/sloow.nl/public_html/juniors/dond.php(15): TubePressPro::getCSS() #4 {main} thrown in/home/pcrn197796/domains/sloow.nl/public_html/juniors/tubepress_pro_4_1_8/src/platform/scripts/classloading/classes.php on line 2914




The tubepress-content/config/settings.php code looks like this:



return array(
    'user' => array(
        'urls' => array(
            'base'        => 'http://sloow.nl/juni...ress_pro_4_1_8'
            'userContent' => 'http://sloow.nl/juni...epress-content'
and the page that should render tubepress looks like this:
    if (!defined('TUBEPRESS_CONTENT_DIRECTORY')) {
        define('TUBEPRESS_CONTENT_DIRECTORY', '/juniors/tubepress-content');
    include "/home/pcrn197796/domains/sloow.nl/public_html/juniors/tubepress_pro_4_1_8/src/TubePressPro.php";
        <title>TubePress Pro</title>
        <?php print TubePressPro::getCSS(); ?>
        <?php print TubePressPro::getHTML('mode="tag" tagValue="pittsburgh steelers" resultsPerPage="3"'); ?>
        <?php print TubePressPro::getJs(true); ?>



Hopefully we can resolve this quickly.

#2 brandon


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Posted 23 May 2015 - 12:59 AM



Please verify the path to your installation of TubePress.



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