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Can't Get New Project Started

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#1 Leeberkes



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Posted 28 June 2013 - 03:22 PM

Haven't used TubePress Pro since last May, and back then it was for a full-page template.  Forgotten everything I almost knew.  I use FrontPage 2002 and I know TubePress works on it since that's where I used it last May.  Now a new website with new problems.  I want to insert single stand alone videos on many different pages.  I'm an 80-year-old needing step by step instructions just to advance to novice, and I'm positively not good at reading techie-type diagrams.  A typical page of my website in need of a video is http://www.claybornh...ampleLesson.htm.  The sort of help I need probably involves providing somebody knowledgeable with passwords and permissions to get the thing installed once, and in such a way that I can mimic it on other web pages.  By now you've got a fair idea of where I am and where I'm not.  Hope help can happen.  Thanks.



#2 brandon


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Posted 29 June 2013 - 10:18 AM



Download the latest copy of TubePress Pro

Unzip the file you just downloaded (tubepress_pro_3_0_1.zip). It will expand into a directory named tubepress_pro_3_0_1.

Upload the entire tubepress_pro_3_0_1 directory to your web server in a place that's web accessible. (such as /www/ OR /publichtml/)

Make a note of the following two items, which you'll need when invoking TubePress

  1. the full path of this directory on your web server's filesystem (e.g. /var/www/html/claybornhall.com/lib/tubepress_pro_3_0_1)
  2. the web-accessible URL to reach this directory (e.g. http://www.claybornh...press_pro_3_0_1)

Now, in your php file where you want your videos to be (SampleLesson.htm needs to be renamed SampleLesson.php)

This section of code goes at the TOP, before the <html> tag

  1. <?php 
        $tubepress_base_url = "http://www.claybornhall.com/lib/tubepress_pro_3_0_1";
        include "/var/www/html/claybornhall.com/lib/tubepress_pro_3_0_1/src/main/php/classes/TubePressPro.php";
  2. Within the <head> section of your page, place the following line:
<?php print TubePressPro::getHtmlForHead(true); ?>

     3.  Wherever in the body you wish for the video (or tubepress in general) to appear, place the following code:

        <?php print TubePressPro::getHtmlForShortcode('mode="playlist" playlistValue="Playlist#ofyourvideo" resultsPerPage="1"'); ?>

You will need to create a playlist on YouTube for each video you wish to have shown. (one video per playlist) and then you can just type in the playlist# in the above code and it should work perfectly.


Let us know if you need any more assistance!



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